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Sat, 29 Oct


Gamla Stans Deckarbokhandel

Whodunit - Murder mystery competition in Old Town

Download our app (Released on Sept 3 at noon) and solve a murder mystery with your friends by collecting clues on an interactive map of Old Town. Do you have what it takes to both solve the mystery and be the fastest team in the competition? Entry fee: SEK 195 Click the button below to book your place at our event.

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Whodunit - Murder mystery competition in Old Town
Whodunit - Murder mystery competition in Old Town

Time & Location

29 Oct 2022, 12:00 – 17:00

Gamla Stans Deckarbokhandel, Prästgatan 9, Stockholm


About the event



The app on which the competition is based is created by Whodunit Geogames. Our games are based on you taking on the role of master detective and assisting the police in solving various unsolved criminal cases.


You start by carefully reading the description of the case to get an idea of what has happened and of the people described in the text. When you feel ready, you press the "start the game" button.

It is important to note that time starts to roll as soon as you start your game and that you can not pause or stop the counter once this has started.


On the interactive map that forms the basis of the game, you will see a number of red markings. It is in these places that you will find the clues that can help you solve the case. When you are physically in the same place as the red mark on the map, you can click on the mark and read the clue. Once you have unlocked a clue, you do not have to go back to the same place to read it again.


When you think you have formed a clear idea of who the perpetrator is and what motive behind the murder is, click on the symbol "send". You will then be able to choose an alternative from suspects and an alternative from the various motives that are presented. Once you have done this and are sure of your answer, just press send.


If you answered correctly, you will automatically be placed with your chosen detective name on our "high score" list where you can see your position among all those who played and managed to arrive at the correct answer for the selected case.


It is not more difficult than this to use our app, the murder mysteries, on the other hand, yes they are hard nuts to crack.


Good luck!

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