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Here you will find a selection of our best-selling books in the detective book trade. We deliver your order with postal parcels within 3-5 working days.

Just a little murder

Just a little murder

Castle environments by Lake Mälaren is the stage for Carin Hjulström's new detective series about the actress Siri Ehrensvärd and her semi-criminal nephew. The author of the beloved books about Frida Fors now writes cozy detective stories in the spirit of Agatha Christie.


Siri has always had a bad conscience for the orphaned Anton. She has prioritized the theater and the love for Dramaten's married director. When the lover breaks up, Siri flees to Stockholm. She lands with Anton who has just won a nursery in Säbyholm on poker. At the same time, a hunting supervisor is found dead in a field, in a sky of eagle feathers. Local police Olle Magnusson begins to sneeze in the murder case. He soon realizes that the newly moved-in actress has a nose for clues and is also a nice company.

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