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A find to die for

A find to die for

The second part of "Morden på Österlen", a series of puzzle decks where beautiful environments and strong characters meet evil imminent death.

It is high summer in Österlen and the large antique market in Degeberga is about to start, but the gates barely have time to open before a brutal murder of a notorious antique dealer shocks visitors. Detective Commissioner Peter Vinston is involved in the case despite having a holiday. He gets help from Tove Esping, who works hard to guard his position at Simrishamn Police. While the unmarried duo is investigating the murder, the area is preparing for the television recording of Antikrundan at Gärsnäs Castle. Vinston and Esping soon realize that the world of antiques is full of eccentric people, old conflicts and riddles that are unusually difficult to solve. The question is just who is willing to kill in the hunt for the great find?

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