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Murder mysteries, detective walks & reading groups

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Shared Reading - Detective group

Shared Reading simply means sharing a text and making it grow - together. 


Our Shared Reading Detective Group meets in the bookstore around a short, inspiring detective story they have not read before. Through reading aloud with pauses for conversation and joint, unpretentious reflection, the reading leader and the group together get the text to warm up, grow and evoke new thoughts.

Shared reading as a concept was developed in Liverpool 20 years ago by the literary scholar Jane Davis and today there are several thousand active groups on various themes around Europe.

The interest for Shared Reading has increased rapidly in Sweden in recent years. There is today a national network and around the country, regions, study associations and libraries support the activities which of course in 2020 were affected by the pandemic which at the same time made it both more difficult and more important for people to meet and share thoughts and feelings.

Do you want to join our detective group? Contact Better Help who handles our bookings for Shared Reading on 08-7919010 and they will help you with your registration.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: SEK 1,500 (5 occasions)


Murder mysteries in our medieval cellar

Sherlock Holmes - the world's first consulting detective solved mysteries in smog-covered Victorian London and is considered by many to be the inspiration for modern policing, fictional as he is.

In our murder mystery, you and your friends take on the role of investigator for the purpose of collectively collecting and analyzing the clues that are available. 

This is a murder mystery with a high level of difficulty that is neither a board game nor a card game; you do not use dice, cards, or other traditional game accessories. What you have is a map of London, a list of addresses, The Times, and a textbook with testimonies and other clues for each case. Plus, of course, even your own inference! It is all about solving mysteries by collecting information, with a lot of text to take in, and many details and a large amount of information to keep track of.

The game mechanics themselves are simple; each player in turn becomes the detective who leads the investigation, and follows a clue. For example, the player may choose to visit the crime scene. Then he reads out the clue from the textbook (if it exists; otherwise you choose another), and notes are made. When you think you have the solution to the case, you let the game manager know his decision and he compares it with Sherlock Holme's solution, after which the points are added up.

We also have a murder mystery to choose from produced by a descendant of Agatha Christie based on a script by her where instead of taking on the role of Sherlock Holmes you let Hercule Poirot be the detective your character you go in to be during the game.

Estimated playing time: 2 hours

Price: SEK 3.500 (max. 6 participants) including game leader and simple consumption

Booking: 0705-333119

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Detective walk in the Old Town

Did you know, for example, that the first murder investigation in Sweden that used forensic expertise to successfully solve a case was a bestial murder on Baggensgatan in the Old Town or that Stockholm's largest prison in the 19th century was at Mynttorget?

In this walk, you and your friends get an insight into the criminal history of the Old Town and we visit the places where serious crimes have been committed and where the criminals have been convicted, detained or even executed.

Time required: 60 minutes

Price: SEK 200 / person (Min 6 participants)

Booking: 0705-333119

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