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Gamla Stans Whodunit bookstore

With a passion for murder mysteries 

The genre that we have specialised in is called "whodunit" ("who did it"), and it is the riddle of the murder mystery that is at the core center of a whodunit. The murder should preferably have taken place in a secluded place where only a limited number of people may have been at the same time - these are the suspects. The playground can be a mansion or some other bourgeois environment, with many cultural markers, such as food, art, literature and antiques.

The author places clues (and misleading clues) that the reader should be able to use to figure out who the killer is. But the story often takes unexpected turns and surprises the reader, which is also part of the charm. 

- Reading a whodunit should be cosy rather than frightening. And you should also feel intellectually challenged when you try to figure out how the clues are connected, and a little impressed by the author when you are still cheated, says Tomas Lönn who runs Gamla Stan's Whodunit bookshop.

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